Rainbow Falls just outside of Hilo is one of the most photographed locations on the Big Island of Hawaii, but it is no less beautiful. This tranquil scene with organic grain and natural wood border will bring malie (calm) to your home or workplace. The 6x6 is printed onto a 3/4" birch-surfaced block, while all others are printed onto a 1/2" maple-surfaced panel. Pre-order now and we'll add a rainbow to the base of the falls.  

Rainbow Falls

  • Care: Use only a damp, 100% cotton or microfiber cloth to dust off your print. Don’t scratch or wipe with abrasive materials. Water won’t smear the ink, but cleaning chemicals or other liquids may.  

    Eco-Friendly:  Products are hand-crafted in the US using eco-solvent water-based inks, and sustainable woods that are FSC certified. 

  • All prints come with keyhole cutouts for flush wall mounting. 6x6 and 8x10 prints also come with dowels for desktop display.